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Studio Sundays is the habit of creating something just because you feel like it. It's taking that little chunk of time on a Sunday afternoon to paint, write, sing, play.

It's a place where we get together and make something just for the sake of making things. You get to call the shots here. It's that special time where you don't have to be "productive" or make some commercially viable product or upload your prints to your online store. It's just about feeling the brush on the page and enjoying the process.

Right now Studio Sundays is an online thrift shop where we're taking donated visual arts supplies and selling them as affordably as we can. I have seen a future where Studio Sundays is an online thrift shop, a free art school, a studio space for those that don't have it, and a community of artists supporting one another in all facets of life/art.

We're starting small with what's available to us at this moment. Right now we've received only visual arts supplies, but we're hoping to branch out into instruments and digital art equipment so that our supplies truly make art accessible for everybody.

We're taking tips and suggestions and feedback and complaints and pushing this to evolve into a community art project that exists to encourage and coach budding artists.

If you are an artist in NYC with an abundance of lightly used or never used supplies, please fill out the contact form or email to schedule a pickup.